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Our Classroom Website

Welcome Fifth Grade Scholars, is our class's official website.

I have generated this website for parents' and students' convenience.  Please visit this website regularly for homework, upcoming events in our classroom, and test dates! Teachers and parents are a team for every student's success. 

My teaching philosophy is based on my knowledge that I have gained from my pedagogy background and teaching experience. I am a strong believer in creating a positive and engaged learning environment for my students. We have diversity in our classroom and I want to make each student feel welcome and comfortable in the class. Students are entering my class each morning with their world view that I respect and keep in mind when I plan the lessons. My expectations are very clear from each student. They have to work hard and persevere. I have short term and long term goals for each of my students. Short term goals are based on student's individual performance in class each day. However, long term goals are solitary towards the class in its entirety. I want my students to become future leaders and great achievers in their lives. I want them to be God-conscious individuals and develop good character. They should grow up and make a difference in their communities and families. In addition to the standards I have created for my students, I have also established similar goals for myself. Students learn at different levels and there are few who are at different RTI levels in our classroom. I differentiate the exams and assessments accordingly. Furthermore, I incorporate various teaching techniques while teaching since students have different learning styles. My personal philosophy encourages each student to learn in a safe and welcoming environment. The main goal of education is learning. To keep myself updated with various new teaching techniques, I enroll myself in professional development workshops and classes. I incorporate new strategies in my classroom so that my students and I both will benefit from them. I portray professional behavior in my classes with each student as well as my colleagues. We are a team in the 5th Grade classroom. 

We will be doing many hands-on activities and completing labs, which are an essential part of our Science class. Students will be learning different strategies in Math, preparing them for the Math State Exams.  Since reading is very important, reading logs will be assigned by me and should be filled out by the students and signed regularly by the parents.  in addition, reading comprehension is a critical part of learning.  These skills will help our students with ELA State Exams.  

" The most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents."


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